Everyday keroncong 2

The ‘everyday keroncong’ group has moved. It now plays in a large airy building with high wooden ceilings and walls lined with decorative wood panels. The new venue is spacious and has a more upmarket feel about it. The interactive buzz and the colourful murals, pond and birds of the old warung have been left behind (see post 13 March).

The singing parking attendant, in his fluoro orange uniform, has been replaced by a young man in a brown and grey striped jacket and black trousers. This uniform is now stipulated by local government as part of the promotion of local heritage and culture.

Behind a large awning that promotes the warung are rows of motorbikes and, in the narrow space between the bikes and the step to the eating area, are two familiar musicians. They strum, pluck and slap rhythms on their ukulele and cello and take turns to sing a variety of keroncong. They work the same long hours as before, interspersing brackets with breaks for drinks and cigarettes, but there’s a sense that their music is now a background to the food and chat. Customers occasionally pause to listen and several contribute to the white plastic donation box as they leave.
© keronconginsolo 2014
click photos to enlarge

musicians now sit amongst the motorbikes

music amongst the bikes

View of the musicians and eating area

separated from the customers


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