Lesehan Keroncong Asli at TBS

Lesehan Keroncong Asli is a not-to-be-missed event in the keroncong calendar.

This outdoor keroncong concert is held on the third Tuesday of the month in the ornately carved Pendopo Agung (main pavilion) at the Taman Budaya Surakarta (TBS).

Enthusiastic fans arrive early to claim a spot on the red carpet close to the stage, while the two keroncong orchestras tune their instruments and check their music and the singers gather quietly off stage.Technicians check the light and sound; video and audio recorders set up; food sellers do a roaring trade.

There’s an expectant hush as the two comperes emerge and launch into a humorous dialogue that generates peals of laughter from the audience. They reappear between acts to continue their banter and slapstick-type jokes. It’s a routine that’s very familiar to the fans who readily volunteer to go on stage to compete for prizes.

The music is good. The two orchestras, usually one from Solo and one from the surrounding areas, bring an entourage of vocalists – young, old, male, female, solo and group – and take turns to perform a varied keroncong repertoire.

This special event is strongly supported by keroncong performers, most of whom perform here regularly and also go to listen to other groups.


Lgm ‘Jauh Sudah’

Vocalist Siti Saras Wulan and Radio Orkes Surakarta (ROS), from the music department of RRI Surakarta, perform the romantic Jauh Sudah at Taman Budaya Surakarta.
It was originally uploaded on May 22 2011 and I think the late Mulyadi is the flute player.

Click on the link to my Indonesian blog to follow the lyrics.

Jauh Sudah – Wulan – Langgam version – YouTube.