Jempol Jenthik Orkes Keroncong

Love the haunting introduction to Lala- Anyam-anyaman nyaman by Jempol Jenthik Orkes Keroncong (JJOK) at 2015 SKF. Lyrics are by  Sujiwo Tejo an Indonesian poet, writer, musician, actor, dalang.
video and audio by Ganang Partho

At the end you can follow the link to a keroncong medley Lir-llir – Ave Maria featuring the wonderful Sruti Respati with JJOK.



Sruti Respati

Sruti Respati also performed at the keroncong festival. In glamorous lace blouse and batik skirt, she glided onto the stage and stood serenely, almost beatifically, while the flautist played a long and haunting introduction to ‘Kidung Surgawi’, a recent composition by keroncong icon Koko Thole from Jakarta. Her voice then flowed into a slow smooth melody and the penetrating power as she reached the high notes, virtually hypnotised the audience. Sruti, performs jazz, keroncong and traditional Javanese songs. 

Click here to enjoy her wonderful voice.