Orkes Sekar Kedaton at SKF 2014

Congkil or Keroncong Tingkilan is a fusion of keroncong and Tingkilan, a type of music played in the Kutai province of East Kalimantan.  The Kutai word Tingkilan comes from Ting – the sound of a plucked string -and Kil – the act of plucking the string.

The music has much in common with Malay music and developed with the entry of Islam into the area. The lyrics, in the form of rhyming satire, are usually about love, justice and hope and are accompanied by psaltery (type of stringed zither), harp or mandolin, ketipung, violin and viola. Guitar, bass, drums and tambourines may also be played.

Tingkilan music often accompanies Kutai folk dance such as Dance Jepen.

Click here to enjoy Just the Way You Are by Orkes Sekar Kedaton.


OK De Oemar Bakrie at SKF 2014

One of the liveliest groups at SKF 2014 was OK De Oemar Bakrie from Bandung. This large ensemble of mainly university students played violin, cak and cuk, guitars, cello, double bass, Sundanese flute and kecapi drums, guitars, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone and trombone. The characteristic sound of keroncong Bandung is in part due to the inclusion of regional instruments and a brass section.

OK De Oemar Bakrie incorporated elements of jazz and world music (eg Latin American) into their rhythms and melodies and featured extended instrumental solos. They obviously had fun while entertaining the very appreciative audience at the SKF.

Click below to sample the variety in their keroncong
Solo Kota Pusaka – D’Oemar Bakrie dalam SKF 2014 – YouTube.
(composer – a member of the group, singer – a compere of SKF 2014)
Mojang Priyangan D’Oemar Bakrie dalam SKF 2014 – YouTube.
(song from Sunda, West Java)
SKF 2014 – Kota Bandung [Keroncong] De Oemar Bakrie – YouTube.
(lively modern version of a regional song)

OK Liwet at SKF 2014

The young musicians from OK Liwet, Surabaya, mixed up old and modern, regional and pop songs with a variety sounds and rhythms to produce creative and entertaining keroncong.
Here are two examples:
Lenggang Surabaya is an old keroncong favourite.
Rame Rame is a regional folk song from Ambon and Timur was composed by rhythm and blues, pop singer Glenn Fredly.

SKF 2014 Lenggang Surabaya by OK Liwet – YouTube.
SKF 2014 Rame Rame/Timur medley, Glenn Fredly cover by OK Liwet  – YouTube.

SKF 2014

The brightly lit and colourfully decorated stage nestled amongst tall trees and the towering bamboo structures from the recent Bamboo Biennale. Strategically placed lights and filmy cloth hangings fluttered in the gentle breeze that cooled the large crowd at the sixth Solo Keroncong Festival (SKF).
Now an annual event, the two night festival held on September 26 and 27 at Benteng Vastenburg featured sixteen local, national, and international groups in a vibrant and varied display of keroncong.
Chairman of the SKF committee, Wartono, said the aim of this year’s festival was to showcase the diversity of keroncong in the archipelago, to celebrate the special regional characteristics and to promote keroncong as a national music.
‘We specifically invited groups that play varied and dynamic music to show that keroncong can adapt to the colours and sounds of other music. We also included young and old performers: the attitude that it’s old people’s music is slowly changing.
The SKF is a good avenue for promoting keroncong as a universal music for all ages and regions and for reinforcing the fact that it is part of the identity of Solo: many famous keroncong musicians were born here.’

Surakarta mayor F.X. Hadi Rudyatmo agreed.
‘Local Government promotes and supports Solo as a keroncong city.’ he said. ‘We want this music to thrive and reverberate and we strongly encourage the young to take a role in preserving our musical heritage.’
He would like to see keroncong included in the extra-curricular activities of all local schools and hopes that one day the festival will be held on the banks of the Bengawan Solo as a memorial to local keroncong identity, Gesang Martohartono.
click photo to enlarge

Mayor F.X. Hadi Rudyatmo plays the first notes on a double bass

Mayor F.X. Hadi Rudyatmo opens the festival                                                               photo L Lessels


SKF 2014 streaming live

NONSTOP 24 Hour STREAM………………..October 4 2014 (15.00 AEST)
Click below to listen to fantastic music from the recent Surakarta Keroncong Festival which was held on September 26 and 27 at Benteng Vastenburg.
26 September featured: OK Carva Nada Solo, OK SMKN 8 Solo, OK Liwet Surabaya, OK.Indonesiaku Tangerang Selatan Banten, OK Tetap Segar Semarang, OK Buaya Keroncong HAMKRI Surakarta, OK Sekar Kedaton Tenggarong Kaltim, OK Pesona Jiwa Jakarta
27 September featured: OK Tirta Lawu Karanganyar OK Iblis Solo, OK Bresvia Jogja, OK Arif Lukisan Lumpur, OK La Paloma Padang Panjang, OK De Oemar Bakrie Bandung, OK Gema Simfony Johor, OK PGSD UNS Solo.
The broadcast was made possible by Krontjongers Indonesia & Kharisma Keroncong 90.9LITA FM. Link via Bentang Waktu