Orkes Sekar Kedaton at SKF 2014

Congkil or Keroncong Tingkilan is a fusion of keroncong and Tingkilan, a type of music played in the Kutai province of East Kalimantan.  The Kutai word Tingkilan comes from Ting – the sound of a plucked string -and Kil – the act of plucking the string.

The music has much in common with Malay music and developed with the entry of Islam into the area. The lyrics, in the form of rhyming satire, are usually about love, justice and hope and are accompanied by psaltery (type of stringed zither), harp or mandolin, ketipung, violin and viola. Guitar, bass, drums and tambourines may also be played.

Tingkilan music often accompanies Kutai folk dance such as Dance Jepen.

Click here to enjoy Just the Way You Are by Orkes Sekar Kedaton.


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