Bengawan Solo: variations

‘Bengawan Solo’  has been performed in a wide variety of styles.
Here’s a version by ‘Harmony Chinese Music Group’ from Bandung…


… and on my Indonesian blog you can watch a performance by ‘Samalona Reggae’ from Solo.

‘The Colourful of Bengawan Solo’ CD, produced to honour Gesang’s 88th birthday, features an amazing 14 variations:
Pop Country by Lin Indriani
Disco Reggae by Mus Mulyadi
Rock by Gen’s 21
Keroncong Asli by Sundari Soekotjo
Sundanese Degung by Tuti Maryati
Keroncong Asli Duet by Gesang, Asti Dewi C
Japanese Keroncong by Tuti Maryati
Chorus & Orchestra Version by Tri Ubaya Cakti Chorus, Shanghai Orchestra
Mandarin Keroncong by Melani Tunas
Children’s Pop by Lidya Lau
Pop Rock by Dong Feng
Mandarin Cha Cha by Harry
Sundanese Kacapi Suling by Deny
Variations by Shanghai Opera Company & Yogyakarta academy Orchestra


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