Annie Landouw

The name Annie Landouw (Landauw) is not as well- known as that of Waljinah, yet this remarkable woman was perhaps the first famous keroncong singer to come from Solo

Annie                                       1939 promotional still (source Wikipedia)

‘Miss Annie Landouw’ was born in Surakarta in 1913 to the family of Imam Redjo. Following an extended childhood illness she lost her sight and shortly afterwards was adopted by her aunt and Dutch uncle, Anton Ferdinand Roland (AFR) Landouw. AFR enjoyed keroncong and often entered singing competitions. It was he who introduced young Annie to keroncong.

In 1927 Landouw entered and won her first competition, the Fandel Concours Keroncong in Surakarta. The fourteen year old was then approached and signed up by recording company BEKA, after which she moved to Batavia.

She quickly became a popular performer. By 1938 she was singing keroncong with the radio troupe at NIROM (Dutch East Indies Radio Broadcasting Corporation) in Bandung and the following year she joined Krontjong Lief Java, one of the first keroncong groups in the colony. This group of local musicians practised in Kampung Kepuh, Kemayoran, Batavia.

During this period Landouw also provided the vocals for and appeared in several films, and had recording contracts with Decca and Columbia. In the album Keronchong Pearls, recorded by Columbia, Landouw sings Air Laut, Stambul O Tuhan, Fatimah, Keroncong Spesial, Kr. Moritsko and Stambul Masuk Keluar Kampung. The singer composed Stambul O Tuhan and Keroncong Spesial.

Landouw’s became immensely popular: in 1940 her fans organised a fundraising campaign to help pay for eye surgery. She refused to accept the money.

She married twice, had five children and fourteen grandchildren and lived with her second husband in Kampung Kepuh Kemayoran until his death in 1981. She was then cared for by one of her daughters until her death on 17 August 1982.



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