Keroncong Asli 2

More thoughts on Keroncong Asli …

Keroncong Asli refers to songs that were played in Tugu, Jakarta, in the nineteenth century or were composed in the same form. They are perhaps the most westernised songs as they had not adopted local influences: they came from the Portuguese and were sung in Portuguese language, were in diatonic major-minor scales and had simple harmonies.

Keroncong Asli also refers to songs that were composed in 28-bar form and have certain characteristics.
Keroncong Asli songs are identified by the kr in the title eg Kr Mawar Sekuntum
A Keroncong Asli song can be played in a different style eg beat, rock; and/or with a different harmonic arrangement (keroncong garapan).

An asli ensemble (seven instruments) can play non- asli songs.
There is a strong agreement among keroncong musicians today that Keroncong Asli is a purely Indonesian music.

Here’s another keroncong asli song: Kr Mawar Sekuntum – Tuti Maryati – Wahrweb


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