Keroncong Song Competition 2014

Solo has just hosted the second national keroncong song competition. The aims of the contest were to encourage keroncongers to create new arrangements of old songs and to compose new songs complete with instrumental accompaniment.
The three categories were:
* Sing a keroncong song
* Compose a keroncong asli song
* Compose a keroncong langgam song

Vocal applicants submitted a demo recording of themselves singing while accompanied by at least one instrument. Composers sent in a demo of their song being performed – the vocalist accompanied by at least one instrument; a copy of the lyrics and notation (balok or angka); proof that the work was original and hadn’t been previously published. All songs had to be in Indonesian language.

The finals were held on November 22. The jury of keroncong experts, Liliek Jasqee, Adit Kelana dan Tuti Maryati, assessed and gave feedback to all entrants.

Finalists in the vocal section Rizky Andhika (Karanganyar), Sheila Ayu Mustikarani (Klaten), Rizky Nurfazri (Jakarta), Reni Wulansari (Jakarta),and Panji Kusuma (Semarang) performed Keroncong Pejuang Sejati plus a song chosen by the jury.

Finalists in the keroncong asli section were Damai Negeriku by Purwanto (Sleman), Senandung Rindu by Adji Muska (Semarang), Pesona Keroncong by Reni Wulansari (Blora), Tumpah Darahku by Johnny Sulu (Jakarta), and Nusantaraku by Harry Yamba (Jakarta).

Finalists in keroncong langgam section were Gesang by Mamad S. Dahry (Jogja), Bintang Jadi Saksi by Darwati (Jogja), Kau Putus Harapanku by Anna Lidia (Solo), Kota Bandung Tanah Pasundan by Dwiono Hermantoro (Karanganyar), and Kenangan by Rini Sumardi (Bekasi).

Total prize money was Rp 67.500.000,00 and winning works were recorded in a compilation album with composer’s rights.


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