OK De Oemar Bakrie at SKF 2014

One of the liveliest groups at SKF 2014 was OK De Oemar Bakrie from Bandung. This large ensemble of mainly university students played violin, cak and cuk, guitars, cello, double bass, Sundanese flute and kecapi drums, guitars, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone and trombone. The characteristic sound of keroncong Bandung is in part due to the inclusion of regional instruments and a brass section.

OK De Oemar Bakrie incorporated elements of jazz and world music (eg Latin American) into their rhythms and melodies and featured extended instrumental solos. They obviously had fun while entertaining the very appreciative audience at the SKF.

Click below to sample the variety in their keroncong
Solo Kota Pusaka – D’Oemar Bakrie dalam SKF 2014 – YouTube.
(composer – a member of the group, singer – a compere of SKF 2014)
Mojang Priyangan D’Oemar Bakrie dalam SKF 2014 – YouTube.
(song from Sunda, West Java)
SKF 2014 – Kota Bandung [Keroncong] De Oemar Bakrie – YouTube.
(lively modern version of a regional song)


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