Young Performers at SKF 2014

‘Greetings keroncongers. My name is Ika. I’d like to present a new song by OK Karva Nada. It’s called Ku­tho Solo. I hope you enjoy it.’
Nine year old Ika, accompanied by OK Karva Nada and a large group of very young singers and dancers, thrilled the large audience with their confident and talented versions of old and new songs.
They alternated with music and performance students from OK SMK 8, who sang Putri Solo followed by the medley, Keroncong Rhapsody. These very accomplished students worked with teachers, including Mas Sapto, to create vibrant musical renditions and dramatic dance moves to accompany their songs.

Click below to see more exciting performances by talented  young keroncongers.
Anak anak Muda Memukau Penonton Solo Keroncong Festival – YouTube.

Click on the link to my Indonesian blog to see more videos


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