2013 Festival

The 2013 Surakarta Keroncong Festival featured very talented musicians playing different styles of keroncong. One of the more innovative groups was Orkes Keroncong (OK) Plasu Minimal.

Dressed in scout, army officer, prisoner, school student and Arabic dancer outfits, they made a noisy rollicking entrance and presented an operetta: a snapshot of Indonesian history to a backdrop of keroncong songs and dance. Their slick semi-political commentary touched on the meaning of freedom and independence and on the rights of female workers in Saudi Arabia. A humorous flag saluting ceremony was accompanied by shouted, almost slapstick dialogue, Arabic dancing and the sounds of Javanese gamelan. The audience roared with laughter, clapped and cheered its approval.
© keronconginsolo 2014  
click photo to enlarge                                        

OK Plasu Minimal keroncong operetta

saluting the flag


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